Our company’s trained staff including mechanical engineers, industrial designer, technical engineers is able to provide a full coverage through design and development to manufacture and maintenance process.

Specifically our main tasks involve product design from scratch to 3d realization mainly for the packaging industry developing, bottles, cans, caps, lids and performs as well as for several other types of plastic or metal parts.

In addition we present a significant portfolio of injection and blow molds adjusted to any type of machinery including cores, pins, nozzles or custom made solutions based to your needs. Our manufacturing range could cover a variety of products sizes and shapes, whose extends to other type of machinery such as perform moulds and special extruder core for the production of plastic pipes.
We also facilitate knowledgebase consulting adapted on design and production issues completing with supervision during development.

Given this we manage to grow our customer base having a wide range of examples within food and liquid, cooking oil products, soft drinks, cosmetics, detergent products, lubricants, as well as irrigation systems.

Our casual co operations along the domestic and international markets includes Coca Cola 3E., Unilever/Elais, Pepsico-ivi, Vivartia, Minerva, Shell, IBS, Elinoil, Jet oil, Mornos, Argo, Polypack, Petzetakis, Procter & Gamble –Rolco, Henkel.