Our Greek based company Agelopoulos bros co founded in Athens on 1973 were operates ever since, has its main interest within the area of plastics focusing in design and manufacturing moulds as well as products. During these years of service our company has gained a list of casual cooperation’s with companies along international and domestic level retaining an expertise in facilitating packaging industry.

While p.e.t material technology was a reality on 1988, our company following one of its main areas in designing and manufacturing injection and blow moulds manages to be upon the first who introduce it to the Greek market.

Since then a wide portfolio was build, including numerous blow and injection moulds as well as parts following a wide spectrum of different production methods such as special extruder core technology for plastic pipes. In addition our design team gained a strong background in designing bottles, cans, caps, performs for several products like foods-drinks, detergents, lubricants and cosmetics. Added to the above some special designs for other products or parts made by plastic or metal has been developed.